Mole Removal

Experience safe and effective mole removal services at Aesthetic Glow, where our expert dermatologists in Lahore and Islamabad offer a range of professional treatments. Say goodbye to unwanted moles and embrace flawless skin.

What Are Moles?

Moles are small, pigmented spots that gradually develop on the skin. They exhibit diverse shapes and sizes, with some even sporting hair. While moles can come in various forms, they generally have a round or oval appearance.

Aesthetic Glow: Your Mole Removal Experts

At Aesthetic Glow, we take pride in offering top-tier dermatological services for mole removal in Lahore and Islamabad, coupled with a range of skin rejuvenation treatments. Many individuals seek mole removal procedures not just for cosmetic purposes, as moles can cause discomfort. While removing moles at home might appear tempting, it’s neither a secure nor effective solution.

Exploring the Causes of Moles

Moles largely owe their existence to melanocytes, which are skin cells that cluster together rather than spreading evenly across the skin. These melanocytes produce the pigment responsible for your skin’s natural color. Several factors can contribute to the formation of skin moles, including hormonal changes, specific skin types (often seen in fair-complexioned individuals), aging, genetic mutations, excessive sun exposure, and reactions to drugs or medications due to your immune system.

Mole Removal Techniques

Removing moles necessitates a professional touch. At Aesthetic Glow, our experts provide safe and effective mole removal treatments. Attempting to remove moles using threads or creams at home is not advisable. Surgical excision is often employed for moles that have deeply penetrated the skin. This procedure involves applying local anesthesia to numb the area, ensuring minimal discomfort. A scalpel is then used to excise the mole and a small section of surrounding skin. Though this method may result in a minor scar, it typically heals with time

Benefits of Mole Removal

Opting for mole removal can be a game-changer for your appearance and self-confidence. This procedure not only makes makeup application more accessible for women but also simplifies shaving, particularly for men. Moreover, it brings relief from the unnecessary pain and skin irritation caused by friction from clothing or jewelry. Most importantly, mole removal can prevent potential issues, including the development of cancerous moles that pose a danger to your health.

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