Warts Removal

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What Are Warts?

Warts, or verruca, are common, benign skin growths caused by a viral infection. They can vary in color, typically appearing as skin-colored or sometimes darker brown. Warts are contagious and can easily spread from one part of the body to another if not treated properly. Picking, biting, or scratching warts can contribute to their spread. These small, harmless growths often occur on the hands and feet and can appear flat or smooth. They are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and are more likely to develop in individuals who use public showers, work with meat, have eczema, or a weakened immune system.

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Causes of Warts

Warts are highly contagious and typically spread through self-inoculation. Contact with warts, whether on your own body or someone else’s, can lead to the transmission of the virus. Sharing items like towels or razors that have come into contact with warts can also facilitate their spread.

Types of Warts

  1. Filiform Warts: These small skin tags are commonly found on areas like eyelids, around the nose, and mouth.
  2. Common Warts: Rough, bumpy warts that often appear on the back of fingers, toes, and knees.
  3. Plantar Warts: Typically found on the soles of the feet, these warts are known for their painful nature and can grow quite large.
  4. Flat Warts: These flat, smooth bumps may appear on the face.

Preventing Warts

The most effective way to prevent warts is to:

    • Avoid contact with someone else’s warts.
    • Refrain from touching your own warts, as they are highly contagious.
    • Keep warts covered.
    • Wash your hands immediately after touching a wart.
    • Be cautious when shaving over a wart.
    • Avoid touching someone else’s wart.
    • Use your own towels, razors, and personal items to prevent the spread of warts.

Are Warts Harmful?

Warts are typically non-cancerous and do not pose a significant health risk. However, they should be treated as they are contagious and can spread to other parts of the body or to other individuals. Additionally, warts can be painful and are often considered cosmetically undesirable.

Wart Removal Methods

Warts can be removed in various ways depending on their size and number. Cryotherapy is a common method for wart removal. For stubborn or hard-to-treat warts, laser treatments may be recommended.

Aesthetic Glow offers the following wart removal treatments:

  • Laser
  • Liquid Nitrogen (Cryotherapy)
  • TCA Skin Peel

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